The Rotated Spirro has been designed and developed by us and will soon be available from other sources. A completely fresh take on the pole launch implementation with revolutionary and re-design to improve reliability, reduce friction and remove the chance of the pole going to leeward side when sailing dead downwind. 

The puller is no longer required which means less rigging.

Our new designs of foils are proving successful winning in many classes.

In our search for speed, we are testing and analysing our foils to try and extract the maximum. We have developed a new mould to cater for standard aspect centreboard for virtually all Merlins built after 1980. High lift, low drag recovery rudder set up has been updated and applied to all complete existing J & S pro rudder systems and proving to be very popular.

These have been put on the following boats, with more coming:

  • Fireball
  • International 14
  • Merlin Rocket
  • Osprey
  • Scorpion

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